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Md Monoarul Haque, AKM Majbah Uddin

Recreational activity refers to actions that are performed solely for the enjoyment, pleasure and amusement of individuals. It is predicting that 20% of the population will fall in senior category within 2050 in Bangladesh, which is alarming, and matter of thinking indeed. Recreational activities bring mental and physical happiness and can improve physical and mental health. Lack of leisure activity brings a range of negative health outcomes. People’s average life expectancy has risen to 72 years. For the last few years, it has been found that life expectancy in both male and female has increased considerably. Bangladesh has largest number of older people. Most of the older people stay with family according to our culture but few old homes also provide residency for geriatric people. Facilities to conduct recreational activity may vary person to person. As a result, senior citizen is need special attention in our society. This paper tried to review number of scientific articles on geriatric health as well as their recreational activity, which has immense role to keep them healthy and happy.

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